IU Visits UW for IoT


This week three CSI representatives travelled to the University of Washington to meet with IU's partners in NSF IoT research. Ph.D. Students Gianpaolo Russo and Behnood Momenzade along with CSI project manager, Joshua Streiff, arrived Monday to meet with Professors Tadayoshi Kohno and Schwetak Patel and their research teams. Over the space of the day they visited labs, shared research projects, and discussed their interests as a part of the NSF grant "Living in the Internet of things".

The University of Washington and Indiana University are partners in the IoT grant. Its goal is to research the security concerns that come with the introduction of IoT devices into our homes, schools and places of work. From smart toys and appliances, to internet connected devices like door knobs and cameras; new security challenges have been introduced to the IoT houses. The goal of the IoT project is to secure these spaces through research, education and advocacy.

While both schools have their own research centers, including IU's IoT House, the real gain for both school is in the collaboration of research and efforts between the schools. This what brought the IU team to UW for a full day of meetings, presentations and collaborative lab work. And while the work accomplished thus far is not ready for public presentation, connections in a variety of efforts were made that will hasten along the combined research efforts.

Combining their research assets, from labs to research personnel, the University of Washington and Indiana University are able to hasten along the research that is most needed to give industry what they need to close the holes in their devices. As well, the teams look forward to giving consumers the information and tools that they need to be able to dynamically assess their security risks and take well considered action as a result. The wide, multi-disciplinary knowledge and skill sets necessary for this task are brought together in the collaborative environment that these two universities have built together.